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ALCC Membership

While everything we do at the ALCC is with our members in mind, there’s one key aspect that drives what we do – and that’s YOU! Be part of something brand new here in the Houston Community. Lebanese pride is everywhere, and Houston is no different.

History of Lebanon

The Republic of Lebanon, is a country in Western Asia, on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon’s mountainous terrain, proximity to the sea, and strategic location at a crossroads of the world were decisive factors in shaping its history.

ALCC Vision

Organize Social events that are cultural and/or intellectual. Provide productive services to members. Create a bridge that will connect future generations of Americans with Lebanese Descent with their roots. Strengthening our ties with our diverse community.


The ALCC appreciates all donations, and we encourage all donors to inquire with their employers about “gift matching” programs; a number them will sometimes even double the donations you give to non-profit organizations – like the ALCC!

Want to become a member?

While everything we do at the ALCC is with our members in mind, there’s one key aspect that drives what we do – and that’s YOU!


We are always looking for volunteers to help with ALCC events. This is your chance to join us in the Lebanese American community. Sign up today and we will get you started. It takes a village and together we can be successful!


Activities and gatherings for all ages. Whether they are for networking, charitable, or social, events bring together our community.


Our generous sponsors make the continuation of ALCC possible. With their support, we are able to showcase the rich culture of the Lebanese community here in the United States and abroad. We thank them!

good words. good people.

  • "It is the best picture about Lebanon and Lebanese living abroad especially in Houston."

    Chadi Kaskas
  • "Fun event for the whole family. Don't miss it! We drive from Tulsa every year and it is absolutely worth it."
    Ameen Halabi
  • "It is essential for Lebanese people to stay connected by all means of social events. For the past two years I have attended and enjoyed the festival in downtown House. I urge all Lebanese descents to attend and participate."
    Ali Nayef
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