One of the things that make Lebanon great is its diverse population and we pride ourselves here at the American Lebanese Cultural Center on maintaining that diverse makeup in our Board Members. As a 501(c)(3), the ALCC has 21 voting members and all activities and affairs of the ALCC shall be exercised by or under the direction of the Board Members.

In addition, the ALCC is adamant that its Board will in NO WAY attempt to influence legislation or intervene in any type of political campaign, nor will it publicize or distribute any kind of political statements.

ALCC recognizes the Honorary Board, which is the highest degree that can be conferred on an individual by the American Lebanese Cultural Center. Those individuals who have been appointed as members of the Board have received this distinction due to the continued support of the ALCC Houston or to their generous charitable contributions.

No member of the Board will be paid for their time as it is strictly a volunteer effort.

Meet Our Board

Honorary Board

  • Dr. Issam I. Raad
    Dr. Issam I. Raad Honorary Member
  • Mr. Mac Haik
    Mr. Mac Haik Honorary Member
  • Dr. Philip A. Salem
    Dr. Philip A. Salem Honorary Member

Founding Board

  • Haidar Assi
    Haidar Assi
  • Samih Baaklini
    Samih Baaklini
  • Lili Bejjani
    Lili Bejjani Current Board Member / Founding Board
  • Ali Daher
    Ali Daher Current Board Member
  • Fadi Dimassi
    Fadi Dimassi
  • Wadih Hajj
    Wadih Hajj Vice President
  • Bill Haidamous
    Bill Haidamous
  • Saadallah Masri
    Saadallah Masri
  • Lydia Noshie
    Lydia Noshie Board Member
  • Rita Sahioun
    Rita Sahioun
  • Pierre Sahyoun
    Pierre Sahyoun

Current Board

  • Salim Najjar
    Salim Najjar President

    Salim is a Senior Project Manager – Information Technology with Royal Dutch Shell Group with several years of experience serving on various non-profit organizations and has skills in managing event committees and knowledge of IT systems. He has held a variety of executive roles.

  • Wadih Hajj
    Wadih Hajj Vice President

    Wadih has a Business Administration degree in Accounting and is certified as a Real Estate Broker. He is a Partner and CFO of Avanti Transportation and an Associate Broker at the Houston Real Estate Group. He has experience in nonprofit organizations and expertise in a range of businesses including leadership positions in several associations.

  • Rabih Suki
    Rabih Suki Treasurer
  • Mark Nawafal
    Mark Nawafal Parliamentarian
  • Mazen Abdallah
    Mazen Abdallah Executive Committee

    Dr. Abdallah has a degree in Biology and Medicine from the American University of Beirut. He completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wayne State University / Detroit Medical Center. He currently serves on the scholarship committee and is involved in all ALCC functions.

  • Michel Chammas
    Michel Chammas Executive Committee

    A native of Chekka in North Lebanon, Michel oversees one of the most prominent pipe cutting companies in the oil and gas industry – Chammas Cutters, Inc. The company is a worldwide leader in downhole pipe cutting devices.

  • Hiba Roz
    Hiba Roz Executive Committee

    Hiba Elroz has a Master’s of Business Administration degree with a concentration in International Business. She works as an International Student Advisor at the University of St. Thomas. Hiba is a member of the Lebanon Times Magazine family and she speaks 4 languages.

  • Marcel Najjar
    Marcel Najjar Executive Committee

    Was born in Lebanon and emigrated to the United States in 1972. He Graduated from Northeast Institute in Boston, owned an import/export company. Founded M&R Liquors Inc., a retail liquor store chain in Houston.

  • Lili Bejjani
    Lili Bejjani Current Board Member / Founding Board

    Born in Achrafieh, Lili studied dietary management at Aldine Bender College and completed the culinary course at the “Le Cordon Bleu” in France. Lili has worked at Yale Hospital. In 1991, she created Café Lili.

  • Ali Daher
    Ali Daher Current Board Member

    Ali is the Founder and CEO of Daher & Associates Inc. Reliable Business & Tax Services, with experience in Corporate and Personal tax preparation and planning, as well as business start-up reporting and analysis.

  • Nabil Kareh
    Nabil Kareh Current Board Member
  • Sam Masri
    Sam Masri Current Board Member

    Born in Tripoli, Lebanon, and made his trip to the U.S.A as a foreign student. Sam wound up in Houston, Texas in 1979 and obtained a degree in Business Administration specializing in Real Estate Finance. 35 years later, He is still a Texan!

  • Kamil Ward
    Kamil Ward Current Board Member
  • Caren Abousaab
    Caren Abousaab New Board Member
  • Alex Hamdan
    Alex Hamdan New Board Member
  • Zeinab Kachmar
    Zeinab Kachmar New Board Member
  • Darine Mahdi
    Darine Mahdi New Board Member
  • Hala Ghoson
    Hala Ghoson Current Board Member
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