Rawya LotfiFESTIVAL COMMITTEE (Culinary Youth)

    Rawya is in the 9th grade at Cinco Ranch High School. She loves to play basketball as she is a part of the Cinco Ranch basketball team. She is also involved with Model UN and Key Club at Cinco in which she can help people as much as she can and deliver her ideas. Rawya is a very creative person. She likes to draw, cook, sew, knit, etc. as she has a lot of hobbies and as you can see likes to be social and very much involved. As for what she would like to do in the future, she is now deciding between two career paths: one of law or one of medicine as several factors have brought her to these careers. If she were to take the road to medicine, she would either go to Harvard Medical School or Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Yet, if she were to choose the course of law, she would be interested in choosing between Yale University or Stanford University.

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